Waffle Cotton - Blanket

$167 USD

The thicker and fuller blanket, made from 100% Waffle Cotton, is the very essence of modern comfort and versatility. We are excited to have just added gorgeous, contemporary, waffled cotton items to our line of exclusive bedding as they are the perfect complement to your Luxe cotton set. This season-less and versatile gem can be used on your bed as a laid-back blanket or even a throw to snuggle up with on your sofa.

Color: Midnight Navy

<li>100% Cotton</li>
<li>OEKO-TEX® Certified fabric</li>

<li>Wash with gentle detergent at a maximum of 40°C (104°F).</li>
<li>Air dry or tumble dry on medium or low heat; do not over dry.</li>
<li>Do not bleach.</li>

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