Washed Linen - Bone Set

$513 USD

These timeless basics are our must-haves for a good night’s sleep. Our Maison Tess. Collection carries our exclusive 100% washed linen premium products. Our high-quality, best-selling washed linen lets air flow through which allows for maximum comfort. Set a delicate muted tone with our Bone hue that strikes the right balance between crisp white and muted beige, for a soft and relaxing neutral.

This set includes:

* 1 Bone Washed Linen Fitted Sheet 

* 1 Set of 2 Bone Washed Linen Pillowcases 

* 1 Bone Washed Linen Duvet Cover  

  • Bone
  • Carbon
  • Midnight Navy
  • Chrome
  • Whisper White
  • Sand
  • Size:


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