How to repurpose your kids' Maison Tess linens with Mini-Cycle

Written by Maison Tess. / Écrit par Maison Tess.


When it comes to making reusability a priority, it’s never a bad idea to get an early start, and that can begin with childhood. The natural fibres we use at Maison Tess are designed for durability, meaning our bedding pieces have long lives and can grow with you throughout the years into something new at each stage. That idea of longevity is what puts us in synch with Mini-Cycle : this Montreal women-run business sells new and pre-loved children’s clothes, before eventually buying them back from customers who can join in at any part of their three-step process.

The first link in the chain is Pre-Cycle, the cycle starts with customers shopping and buying new durable items at, such as footed PJs, leather sandals and much more. Then, in Mid-Cycle, customers can trade in items outgrown by their children and get paid for them to buy the next size up.

Finally, Mini-Cycle washes, repairs or repurposes those beloved pieces to sell back on their online platform, allowing a new family to enjoy these pieces and thereby closing the Mini-Cycle loop. This method means that well-made products can relive time and time again.

When it comes to our quality linens though, once you have them in your home, you might decide to build your own in-house evolving use cycle. Sometimes, all it takes is a spark of the imagination and, suddenly, a basket once used for toys becomes a holder for skincare go-to favourites, a bed pillow finds a new home in your décor on the living room couch and a linen sheet that used to bundle up your little one’s dreams becomes the fortified walls of a make-believe castle.

Inventiveness is at the forefront of all kinds of climate change solutions, so sprinkling a bit of whimsy around your family’s everyday objects by normalizing reusability helps you lead by example. And who knows, a cushy blanket turned picnic ground cover might just be the small but significant first step focused on eliminating waste that could set the stage for your conscious-living-minded next generation. Though we all love a good fairy tale, seeing is often believing, and showing how carefully selected, well-made items last a lifetime can turn young minds into believers.