As you’re soaking up every minute with your little one, things move fast.  Suddenly the nursery needs to be upgraded to a big kid’s room to cater to all the fun adventures and rituals that make up childhood.  

Decorating a bedroom doesn’t have to mean a total transformation, especially if you like to update as they grow.  A few accent pieces and the right bedding goes a long way. Our Kids collection is designed to help you style your child’s space, so it feels cohesive with the rest of your home.  Eventually our babies become toddlers who need space to play and express themselves.  Keep their space minimal.  A neutral color palette is a great place to start, as it allows possibility to add personality with furniture, toys and books.  It’s no secret we love neutrals, and our Tess. Kids collection features Muslin and Percale Cotton bedding in soft neutrals to light pastels color palette.  Perfect for mixing and matching, especially if you’re constantly doing loads of laundry (relatable).  Crib, Single and Double we’ve designed a durable collection that grows with your kid, no matter what stage they’re at.  Include a play area, if this isn’t already a separate room in the home, while providing soft storage that can be both practical and act as a charming accessory.  Our Muslin Cotton Baskets, available in Misty Pink & Amber and Teal & Amber, are the absolute perfect stow away for toys, baby hygiene sets and beauty products.  They double as a great way to encourage self-responsibility, as kids learn to clean up after they play.  Creating a cozy sanctuary for your tiny human should be a fun experience.  Bring yourself into it, after all you’re likely to spend a lot of time in there! You have developed an aesthetic for your home, let that cohesiveness pour into your kid’s room organically.  Choosing some of the same fabrics, textures and colours that are already incorporated into your home is a great place to start. Chances are your newborn won’t tell you they would like a Muslin Cotton Teal Crib Set, but you can give them the same quality fabrics you love and know with our Tess. Kid’s collection. 


As they get older, they’ll be adding their personality to the home, start them off right with a soft and welcoming space! Discover our Tess. Kids collection to get inspired.  Don’t forget to share your kids bedroom pictures with us on Instagram using the hashtags #mytess #tesskids


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