Colder weather calls for cozying up every corner of your home.
As the days get shorter, this is the ideal time to give a winter facelift to your home without spending tons of money. Here are the home essentials you need to help you transition into the coldest period of the year !

Warmer fabrics

It’s time to swap your bedding for something cozier. Bring your comfort to new heights with rich fabrics and textiles that add depth and warmth. Amongst all our amazing fabrics, our Washed Linen has proven to be the warmest. Woven from 100% pure Flax, it absorbs moisture and adapts to the body’s temperature, making it a year-round choice.

Cocooning layers

Our quilts & blankets are the most snuggable companions. Take them everywhere: from bed, to couch and even by the fireplace! These layering pieces will curate a soothing space where you can curl up with your favorite book and a cup of hot cacao. Trust us, these timeless essentials will provide you with the uttermost comfort during winter. 

Homey ambiance

Not everyone has the chance to have a fireplace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate that same vibe! Candles are just the perfect addition when it comes to setting the mood. Our scented candles, made from 100% soy wax, is what you’ll need to make the ambiance feel more homey. Plus, they are sustainable thanks to their reusable jar and cleaner burn.

Thanks to these home essentials, you'll turn your home into that comfy sanctuary you’ve always wanted !

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