Quilts & blankets are functional accent pieces that truly make a difference on your comfort and decor.
 So how to choose one over the other?
As they’re all up to personal preference, here’s what differentiates them from style to warmth. 


Our versatile quilts make the perfect essentials to keep you cozy all year round!
Thicker and warmer than blankets, our quilts are composed of two soft layers of premium Stone Washed Cotton and one layer of plush Polyester padding. You can use them solo in the summer as a duvet cover or layered over your bedding during colder days. If you’re looking to add minimalist elegance and depth to your decor, quilts are a match made in heaven!


From bed, to couch and even by the fireplace, allow our blankets to curate a soothing space where you can curl up with your favorite book. Our Muslin Cotton and Hemp Cotton blankets will transport you to your tender childhood, while our Waffle Cotton blankets will remind you of a luxurious 5-star hotel room. Made from a single woven layer of fabric, these layering pieces are ideal during warmer nights and as elevated decorative accents. 

Whether thrown on your couch or folded at the bottom of your bed, our timeless quilts and blankets will provide you with the uttermost comfort! Choose our quilts for a versatile and warmer option or our blankets for their stylish matelassé finish and lightweight composition. 

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