ADDING A BIT OF GREEN TO YOUR INTERIORS In Collaboration with Stemhaus

Written by Maison Tess. / Écrit par Maison Tess.

We believe in the benefits of having fresh, lush plants in your home. They are a great source of inspiration for us, from trying to reduce our carbon footprint as a company to using them in our color palettes. Placing them throughout the house will give it, and you, an added glow. We met with the founders of Stemhaus to discuss the simple ways you can give your interiors a green upgrade and how this can elevate your day to day in a variety of ways.

Houseplants have the ability to greet you with a reassuring sense of calm and serenity when you get home. The air is fresh and pure. Anxiety seems to melt away. Similar to the feeling you get each time you wrap yourself in one of our cozy blankets. Their influence on our mental health and all-around well-being is significant. Adding beauty while eliminating toxins, plants are such powerful allies to have.

Tidying up your space as the seasons change awakens your senses. At the present time, getting the right leafy foliage to uplift every corner of your house is becoming essential - almost like discovering the perfect bed sheets! Finding the right plant friends for your household and making your interiors greener are part of the eco-conscious lifestyle we favour. Whether you are a beginner, or more advanced, you can always get help picking and choosing your blossoming buds. There has never been a better time than now to create your own, private sanctuary.

"Adding beauty while eliminating toxins,
plants are such powerful allies to have. "

There are numerous benefits to adding touches of green to your home. Apart from brightening your mood and your surroundings, they also boost your oxygen levels. Add them to your bedroom to purify the air while you sleep in your soft linens. In your living room they can help you relax after a long day as you rest on the couch with a cozy blanket. While in the kitchen they can increase your productivity and inspire you for which table linens to use when setting the table… They impact your routines in a positive manner by improving the quality of the air you breathe while going about your day. Real self-care!

Seeing your plants flourish over time is quite remarkable, especially if getting out in nature isn’t always possible. Whether you are growing in an apartment or a house, the goal is to design your own urban oasis. You can easily incorporate potted plants as a sustainable way of adding fresh, vibrant tones to your rooms. In the same way you do with the rest of your decor. They just have the added benefit of bringing a bit of the outdoors, in.

Taking time to appreciate nature is a wonderful break from the frenetic pace of our daily lives. If you have little ones, participating in tending to the plants introduces love and respect for their environment. It’s also really exciting to see plants develop from the seedling stage. They spark joy and allow us to unwind, just like a good book under the covers.

Come up with some refreshing and colourful ideas for your space: start by adding some shades of green! It is a simple and gentle reminder of our precious relationship with nature. Treat yourself to the vibrancy and health benefits plants have to offer by getting some potted ones delivered today. You can start small and slowly cultivate your green thumb over time.

We would love to see how you add some green to your interiors !
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